Monday, 24 January 2011


Me :P

Well i have been meaning to start one of these for a while, and i have finally got round to it.

So a little about me then.My name is Laura, although my good friends call me Loz, i am 24, but i like to think i am what is called an old soul, i still have my immature moments though. I don't enjoy going out and getting hammered, although a quiet drink in a pub with friends i do enjoy. I dont have a lot of guys on the go at once, i am still trying to find Mr Right, (although he is taking his time about it lol) i have an amazing group of friends, whom i met by chance, although the downside is we don't live in the same bloody county!

I have a rare condition in my leg, which has led me to having confidence issues, although i am better than i used to be.

I am a firm believer in fate, and that things happen for a reason. A few events in my life have led me to this belief.

I am also completely animal mad :P

I'm currently a ''mature'' student, studying Education Studies and Art. Im halfway through my second year, with another 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 years to go (depending if i stay on to study a PGCE or not) Before uni, i worked with horses and although i loved it, i got stuck in several ruts, and had some people really let me down, so i decided a career change was needed, hence the move towards teaching.

I have just started an ace new part time job, though working in a pet store at my local garden centre. It is finally going to allow me to pay off some debt i owe my parents, but still have enough spare money, to do more and save towards finally moving out.

I still live at home, although i do desperately want to move out, i just cannot afford it. So for the time being my parents are stuck with me for a few more years, until i am in a financial situation to move out, and then i hopefully intend to pay them back for everything with a really long holiday somewhere.

Um lets see, my likes. I absolutely love drawing and painting, although i enjoy more realist work, than modern contemporary stuff. I mean how is a shape painted onto a canvas meant to be called art, it just makes no sense to me at all!  Another of my hobbies is reading, i love fantasy and thrillers more than anything, especially the sorts that keep you guessing. I just never have time to read as much as i like to nowadays :(
I am also a bit of a geek, and enjoy playing computer games, the Xbox, and the Wii :s

The other main love in my life (this is where you all think i'm crazy) is my dog. She is a 16 month old Border Collie (although if you want to be technical she is not pedigree so she is actually classed as a Working Sheepdog) She came into my life when she was 8 weeks old, and she has easily been the best £250 i have ever spent. We already had two other dogs, Summer and Millie (who supposedly belong to my sisters) but the bond between me and my girl is on another level. It is probably due to her breed, but we seem to be so similar it is almost uncanny. We both act crazy a times, love walking, learning new things and much more. She also has this uncanny ability to look at me and almost be able to read my mind. We currently attend agility training which has helped to build our bond even more as she has to trust me, in what i tell her to do when she is not directly beside me. Hopefully *touch wood* we will soon be ready to start competing.

So there we go, bit of a long introduction, but hey ho. Hopefully this blog is going to allow people to see into all aspects of my life from the serious sides of my studies and medical problems, to the crazy side of me especially when it comes to my animals, especially my Dotster.

So goodnight for now

Loz xxx

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  1. I wonder who these friends you made are.. Y'know, the ones that aren't 'in the same bloody county' :P Haha.

    Love you lots Loz! <3