Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pregnancies, cute doctors and ignorant idiots

So I went for my prelim discussion at the hospital about my leg on Tues. I was a little bit apprehensive I must admit as I have no idea about what is going to happen :( However I had THE CUTEST student doctor with me which made it all better. Bless his heart (I think he was my age roughly) he was shadowing my doc, who is an army colonel :s and he was really nervous, but I did get to spend like 45 mins in his company, just randomly talking before big doctor came in. Shame its so professional, but even then I don't think I'd ever have the confidence in myself to give a random bloke my number, I probably wont even see him again :(

I got sooo fed up at uni today too! I am sick of ignorant people talking through lectures, it's really not fair on those of us who want to listen and learn. I think the lecturers are getting fed up with it as well. But I shall be on placement as of next week, so I won't have to deal with them thankfully.

Oh and today I found out my friend from college was pregnant. Strange thing was she wasn't as excited as I thought she would have been :s the other really random thing is that her fiancé is a Mormon (not that there is anything wrong with that) but all through college he was like ''I don't believe in sex before marriage'' so I somehow don't think he stuck to that! Anyway it's made me go all depressed this afternoon. I'm not jealous of who she is with or that she is pregnant, but I feel like I am missing out on that part of life, I mean I'm busy with work and uni and the girls, but I feel like I'm being left behind on the relationship front and still living at home doesn't help either.

I'm sure I'll be fine in a few days though as always

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  1. Awweh no! D: Don't worry! You'll find that special someone soon!!

    And also - how was the appointment?