Monday, 21 February 2011

Get me out of here!

I want...... no correction i need to move out of home. I am so fed up of snide comments and little niggly things happening all the time. For example i mentioned that i want another dog and i pretty much got my head ripped off for even suggesting it :(

Problem is i cant really afford to move out atm, i suppose if i crunched the figures hard enough i could but i would have to be SO strict with myself. Plus there is the added downside of if i had to rent, finding a place that would let me have Dots there too. Moving out without her is not an option!

Of course this is never going to happen, not for a while yet anyway. What i really need is to either win the lottery or find a nice man, but neither of those will happen, so i best start saving lol


  1. Aww :(

    Life can be so hard sometimes! :( I think its silly that they bit your head off over wanting another dog - especially since it'd be you caring for it and paying for it.

  2. I know, i argued that point, but they say its the space, which is a load of tosh!