Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Have you ever felt like you just want to scream and cry? Well today that is exactly how i have been. I just feel like im spiralling down into a hole. I dont even know where my life is going anymore. Of course all these negative feelings have not been helped by the fact iv been ill for the past 3 days. However i cannot afford to be ill, so iv been battling on with work, and had my first day back at uni, which i managed to get through successfully without feeling too bad. I get really worried when i get into patterns like this as depression runs in my family, and so far i have been the only one (out of at least 3 generations) to not suffer with it. I struggle though as i find it incredibly hard to talk to anyone about how i feel, even with the more positive aspects of life. Writing things down sometimes helps, but not always. At least i have a routine to keep me going and the Dotster. I cant really not keep to a routine when it comes to her otherwise she moans and sulks.

Anyway i am going to shoot and do some reading for uni. The first topic of choice is all about the psychology of education, so we get to start by looking at theorists like Freud, Skinner, Pavlov etc

Kinda hoping the stuff i choose to read is a little bit boring, i could really do with a decent nights sleep

Night for now

Loz xxx


  1. Awweh D: I'm here if you ever want to talk Loz! <3 Hope everything improves for you!

  2. Yeah same Loz. I'm here. I often feel like that and have the past few days but just spend time with friends and family and Millie and have a laugh. You'll get over it x