Saturday, 12 February 2011


  Urgh i hate emotions, whoever invented them needs punishing as mine have been all over the shop today. I woke up fine and dandy, and then it all came crashing down. I finally got my letter for my appointment about my leg, but i had an extra page attached saying i needed to have proof that i am basically allowed to live i the UK!!! It's ridiculous!
  Basically my surname originates from the Ukraine when my grandad came over during the war, but now because Britain is such a soft touch when it comes to letting people into the country, everyone presumes i am Polish. Iv had people speak Polish and Russian to me without questioning it, someone saying it's wrong that i have my surname and yet am not Russian, the art technician at uni asked me to translate something due to her presuming, my sis had a job application turned down because of it (it got resolved thanks to my dad) oh and even the doctors surgery asked how long id been living in the UK when i moved back home and had to register in another surgery.
  I know most people are going to say ''chill out it's just a name'' but until you have lived with people presuming you are something you are not it's hard to understand how frustrating and upsetting it is. I dont want to have to change my name but i think i am going to have to, just to make all these little things easier and less stressful.

  On the plus side though i had a lovely walk with Dots this morning in the woods, even though it was ridiculously muddy and i fell over near enough 10 times (i must invest in a new pair of wellies with a decent grip) and i'v got my first 3 fish for my tank :) I choose some Zebra fish as they are easy to look after and they were cheap too lol


  1. Just give 'em the big f*ck off tablet Loz!!!!

  2. Ahh! They are all idiots! And need to learn not to jump to conclusions. I agree with what Roo says. :P

    Also, yay! Fishies!! :D