Friday, 4 February 2011

So Spensive :(

Well i fianlly had the last part of the work done on my teeth. I had a root filling done on one of my broken teeth. crazy thing was i had no anaesthetic at all while he worked it :s Apparently this was due to the tooth being dead, my poor tooth :( mental note here people, ever fall off a horse and land chin first while biting your lip as you will have to go through this lol

The whole thing cost me 200 quid!!!! Thank heavens for student loans haha. Oh well at least it's been sorted and hopefully i will no longer suffer with absecces. That i can tell you is no fun whatsoever.

Still no news on my appointment with my specialist, so i rang the doctor's and got told ''give it another week'' i just want to know whats going to happen, i had a dream the other night the only thing they could do would be to amputate my leg. I think i worry too much.

On a brighter note i got a lot of stuff for Dots today, and i got an ace deal on some ox tail, although she wont be getting that for at least a month, while her stomach settles to this new regime. Just need to dig out the blender and get some fruit and veggies in and then i shall blend away. Oh speaking of this i thought it would be interesting to keep a separate blog about the whole RAW thing and take photos of her majesty to see if any changes can be seen, as we do it. So i shall start that next week :)

Anyway thats all for tonight, bit of a boring day really.

Loz xxx

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  1. Ooooh that is expensive. :S Ohdear. :S And also, lucky Dots. :O