Monday, 7 February 2011


So today was my birthday :s and to top it all off i have felt rubbish all day, i was so close to phoning in sick but it's a good thing i didn't as Hazel phoned in sick, so it was just me and Stuart all day. So we were pretty hectic all day :( On the plus side it made me not really think about today which was good)

I was a bit disappointed however in that the one person i really wanted to hear from didn't even send me a text. Oh well as from now it's his loss.

I finally start uni tomorrow, which will be good, it's been too long a gap, i almost wish they would have us in 5 days a week and only make us do a 2 year course. I really need to work out what i'm going to do with it once i finished though. It would be ace if i could find someway to combine the Educational aspect with animals in some way. Me thinks i shall have to do some research.

Thats all for tonight. Ciao for now

Loz xx

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