Sunday, 6 February 2011


Men grr i hate them! Why do they never text back ever! Or why do they change their tone on you??? I will never understand, so for the time being i shall give up on men.

Anyway rant over :P

I bought my fish tank on saturday, woo exciting times XD well it's all set up and running for the week, hopefully next week it will be sufficiently settled and have no rubbish in it, then i can start to add my fishies :D

Apart from that nothing else has happened worth discussing. Oh i shall be writing a new blog alongside this one as to how Dottie is coping with her RAW diet. So i'll post a link up for that too.

Oh it's my birthday tomorrow as well :'( i'm dreading it as i will be officially old.

Off now before i start crying about how old i'm getting

Loz xxx

1 comment:

  1. Yep, men are indeed useless. :P Haha.

    Also, your not old!! Stop saying that. DX And.. Happy Birthday. (: